Tell Your Governor: Spend VW Settlement Money on Electric School Buses

For years, Volkswagen cheated clean air standards putting up to 40 times more smog-forming pollution than legally allowed into the air. They were caught, and are now paying a $14.7 billion settlement.

Tell your Governor to spend the tens of millions your state is receiving on the all-electric school buses our kids deserve. Electric school buses are great for our air, public health and preserving our quality of life on the planet. And they're especially great for our kids.

The vast majority of America's current school buses are powered by diesel -- a dirty, petroleum-based fossil fuel with toxic emissions that are harmful to our kids' health. Your state can use the Volkswagen money to replace these old, dirty diesel buses with brand-new, cleaner, and healthier all-electric ones.

Tell your Governor to do it for our kids!

Subject: Use the VW Settlement Money to Purchase Electric School Buses